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Cover Image for Undeveloper Tech Academy Coaching and Mentoring

Real growth for real people

  • An entire year of tailored support.
  • Transforming good employees into great ones.
  • For employees at any level, in any tech role.
  • Tailored to individuals.
  • Monthly 1:1 professional coaching
  • Monthly group mentoring circles
  • Regular technical supervision

Not just for developers

// writing great code

  • Diverse cohorts.
  • Supporting your...
  • Product managers
  • Quality engineers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Devops
  • Project managers
  • Engineering leadership
  • etc...

Coaching for everyone

Transformational conversations.
Not just for executives.

  • A personal thinking partnership.
  • Get on track, stay on track, grow.
  • 12 x monthly 90 minute sessions
  • Professional coaches with ICF-approved training
  • Be challenged & access thinking tools
  • Confidential, private & safe

More than a tick in a box...

Undeveloper Graduate badgeUndeveloper Professional badge

...a true mark of excellence

Exclusive badges for programme finishers
with additional `Professional` level assessment option

  • Employees leave with a badge for life
  • Employers get access to a network of alumni
  • The tech industry keeps improving
  • Everybody wins

Be part of _

something _

bigger _

  • Diverse cohorts exchanging ideas in monthly group mentoring circles
  • A life-long network of Undeveloper alumni, constantly growing
  • New connections, new resources, new support networks
  • For the benefit of individuals and employers

Not rules.

Showing people how they could be.
Not telling them what to do.

  1. Professional Development should be Accessible to Everyone
  2. Respect and Trust are at the heart of professionalism
  3. There is No Right or Wrong way of doing things
  4. We should Never Stop Learning about the world or ourselves

Future-proof tech teams

Hire, (un) develop (er), retain.

The Academy programme delivers a guaranteed minimum of74 contact hours and approximately50 contact sessions over the course of the year

all for a cost equating to
just £375 per delegate per month *

* that's less than the day rate of most contract software developers!
1:1 Professional Coaching
12 x 90 mins
Group Mentoring Circles
12 x 3 hrs
1:1 Technical Supervision
20+ hrs
Accreditation & Community
Included but optional
Employer-sponsored Cost
£4,500 †

† for self-funded programme fees, please enquire.

So, what are you waiting for?