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Will Britton — Founder, CTO & Coach
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Hi 👋 I'm Will :)

I’ve been working in tech and with technologists for around 25 years, and it’s been my privilege to have spent that time working with some amazing professionals, and on a wide range of projects and technologies.

When I was very young, I was really interested in electronics and played a lot with early home computers. In 2000 I studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College in London, before getting my first full time work as a software engineer in a startup company.

Since then, I've done loads of different jobs, including product management, leading software teams, being a "scrum master", a consultant, a startup founder and CTO a few times over and most recently, becoming a qualified coach.

I've always been entrepreneurial, which is why I've worked most often with startups and small companies. I've been involved in the founding of at least five companies, including a social media startup, a car selling platform, a recruitment-tech company and I even co-owned and managed a cafe-bistro for a few years!

To this day I'm passionate about building things and about learning. I have so many hobbies it's impossible to list them all, but in particular I'm crazy about all things retro-computing and retro-gaming; I do still love software especially the study of programming languages themselves (I consider myself a "polyglot" programmer!); I ride motorbikes, and enjoy pretending to be a mechanic; I have learned to love all things DIY, especially electrics and plumbing; and I'm a keen writer and speaker.

I've completed a course in coaching from the prestigious Barefoot Coaching school. It's an ICF approved course, and I'm currently working on my ICF certification. I love the experience of coaching and mentoring people, I find that it's much more rewarding to connect with people one-to-one than in a team environment because it means I can devote my whole attention to understanding one person and what thoughts and goals are important to them in that moment.


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