Virtual CTO


We can help anyone who is launching, or has just launched a tech startup who doesn’t have a CTO or technical adviser to help them with the initial steps.
If you think that might be you, please drop us a line.


  • By guiding you through the initial process of planning and executing an MVP.
  • We are experts with super rapid build-iterate cycles and the unique type of product management that necessitates.
  • We can start building stuff straight away, and then hire or hand over to outsourced developers if necessary.
  • You can put us in your pitch deck or introduce us to your investors or strategic partners just as you’d expect to with a permanent CTO.
  • If you find a permanent CTO, we’ll wind down with you gracefully, but are always on tap if you need us!


Launching a tech startup is super hard, and you can’t do it without a tech leader - if you think otherwise, please be our guest and try - we’ll still be here waiting for you!
Finding a permanent CTO or technical co-founder is also super hard. There just aren’t enough people operating at that strategic level with the right kind of technical expertise to satisfy the enormous market for tech startups.
Super hard problems need super heroes - that’s where we come in! We absolutely love the challenge of setting up tech companies from scratch, and we are motivated to do it in the leanest and most cost-effective way for you.No snake-oil; no “frameworks” or “processes” big consultants will sell you; no torturous journey trying to hire software developers only to find they aren’t any good after all, or need constant managing, or don’t share your vision, or refuse to communicate with you…


Q. So…you’re software developers?
A. Nope. We are much more. Writing software is only one aspect of many you need to consider to make your tech business a success.
Q. But what if I don’t need anything else?
A. You almost certainly do. Founders tend to think they can do everything else except for actually writing code, but not only is it unlikely that they have all the product management, project management, tech strategy and technical interview skills necessary to properly found a tech startup; even if they did have all those skills, they almost certainly don’t have the time to do all that stuff.
If you reallyreallyreally only need a software developer and nothing else, then that’s not really our bag - we wish you the best of luck finding the right person to help you achieve your goals.
Q. Okay, so you don’t write software?
A. Oh, no - we do - and we’re pretty damn good at it! It’s just one of the many ways in which we can add value for you.
For most projects we would advise letting us kick the development process off, and then move to onboard permanent, contracted, or outsourced developers who can maintain the work - under our supervision if necessary.
Q. Can we put you in our pitch deck?
A. Yes, so long as we approve it first.
Q. Can we put you in front of investors?
A. Yes, we talk investor good.
Q. How long can you work with us for?
A. For as long as it’s still making sense for you, and for us.
We don’t mind staying engaged with projects indefinitely, but please bear in mind that we aren’t your employees, so we won’t be able to work with you exclusively, or to guarantee we will be available at any given time.
Q. How do you charge?
A. For Virtual CTO work we charge by the hour, with charges for a full day comparable to the cost of a senior contract software developer.
Q. Do you work for equity?
A. We are always open to discussing cash + equity arrangements but we never work for equity alone. Sorry.

More questions?