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For tech professionals who want to level up, or for their employers.

If you think that might be you, please drop us a line.


  • We offer one on one coaching to tech professionals at all levels, in all roles.
  • We’ll work with you to identify your career goal and formulate a plan to map your progress.
  • We can also offer group training sessions for small teams.


Many commercial software roles place such a high emphasis on delivery that they fail to allow sufficient support for those professionals who are looking to develop and grow their skills. Even if a tech professional has the time and resources to upskill outside of working hours, they often lack the guidance to understand how best to approach that.

The pressure in the hiring market for software developers has recently led to the growth of “bootcamps”, who offer intensive courses teaching software development skills to complete beginners. Some of the most talented developers we’ve met have been through a bootcamp, but it’s often the case that bootcamp alumni need significant additional coaching after they are hired into entry level roles, due to the highly compressed learning experience they’ve had. Those companies who don’t have the resources to provide that coaching in-house may find that it’s cost-effective overall to consider supporting their employees by providing external coaching.

At Undeveloper, we believe very strongly that the most valuable tech professionals are those with a broad range of technical and non-technical skills. We’d love to be part of a world where we weren’t needed - where companies could easily find, retain and develop the in-house talent who could be their CTOs, their technical architects, their product managers and their problem solvers.

In short - we want to share what we’ve learned so far, so that every developer can become an Undeveloper.


Q. How do you charge?
A. For businesses we charge £100 + VAT for a 90 minute coaching session with an individual employee.

For private individuals, we charge £100 inclusive of VAT. This is effectively a 17% discount for those who are self-funding.

Group training is POA, so please get in touch.

Q. Can you do coaching / training remotely over video link?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you work with complete beginners?
A. Yes, in theory, although if your goal is to learn how to code then this would be a very expensive route. We’d suggest a bootcamp or starting by reading a book.

More questions?
Let us know!

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