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Developing your in-house talent is where our passion lies. For those moments when you just can’t wait for that, leverage our network’s years of expertise as tactical tech consultants

At Undeveloper we've been offering technology consultancy since 2014. Throughout this time, we've come to believe that the most sustainable solution is to enable in-house teams to solve their own problems, without depending on external consultancy, which is why we now focus mainly on coaching and mentoring tech professionals.

However, there are times when either there is no in-house team yet established, or when there is some other barrier in place which means that in-house teams are not able to solve the problem, and in these situations we have some limited capacity to take on small, time-limited consultancy projects.

Having worked mostly with startup companies and their founders, we have extensive experience in particular with early-stage product planning, as well as some of the technical challenges that small teams may face.

We've also conducted numerous technical due diligence projects — both from the perspective of investors or startups who are assessing technology teams, as well as acting for technology teams responding to external due diligence requests.

Technical consulting — examples

  • Architectural audit / remediation
  • Devops / tooling efficiency
  • Fixed scope tactical development work
  • Technical documentation

Product management consulting — examples

  • Startups designing MVP roadmaps
  • Strategic product planning
  • Creating pragmatic / flexible build plans
  • Supporting in-house PM capability

Technical due diligence

  • Supporting fundraise / acquisition
  • Pre-empt technical concerns
  • Can report to you or your investor / buyer
  • Tailored report with recommendations
  • Can also act for teams responding to external due diligence

How it works

  1. Introduction & briefing
  2. Agree statement of work
  3. Activate as needed

Consulting prices

These are indicative rates per billable day only.
All billed work is charged by the hour and pro-rated to the minute.
We use a nominal eight hour day to calculate these indicative rates.

Product management £600 + VAT
Technical £700 + VAT
Tech due diligence £900 + VAT

We reserve the right to vary our rates depending on the nature of the work.

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