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Augment your software development team with virtualised assistance from a highly experienced tech veteran

The landscape of software development is changing rapidly. One of the biggest challenges companies face is hiring a sufficiently broad team with developers suitably experienced to handle any situation.

Modern languages, frameworks and – increasingly – artificial intelligence tools might solve the problem some or most of the time, but eventually bottom-heavy teams will find themselves stuck with an intransigent problem, or facing steeper learning curves than they anticipated, or in the midst of an emergency they just can't handle.

Even teams with more experienced members may struggle when unexpected situations arise, as senior developers' attention becomes stretched too thinly. Teams which rely heavily on in-house senior talent (especially contractors) also suffer greatly when those team members inevitably move on, taking knowledge and support with them.

Our Developer Support service gives teams an additional safety net in the form of an on-demand, virtualised senior developer that teams can activate only when needed.

What you get

  • On demand, pay only for what you use † support resource
  • Help with difficult to solve problems at any level e.g. code, system, architectural, etc.
  • Help understanding concepts, technologies, language features, etc.
  • Help with urgent situations, debugging problems, failure post-mortems, etc.
  • A consistent relationship with a trusted expert who won't move on to another job and leave you high and dry

† subject to minimum session time – see below

How it works

  1. Make an initial enquiry
  2. Get a free consultation with team members to introduce the team & technology base and allow us to assess fit
  3. Wait until you need us...
  4. ...then use our booking tools to receive support at the next available opportunity.

Developer Support pricing

Price per minute £1.50
Minimum session charge 30 minutes
Maximum daily charge £650
Maximum team members per call 2

All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the standard UK rate of 20%.


Q. Do you have standard support hours?

A. Yes, from 9am to 6pm GMT/BST. Support outside of these hours is discretionary and we may ask you to pay supplementary charges for it.

Q. Can you guarantee a minimum response time to support requests?

A. Unfortunately not at the moment, but we will always respond as quickly as we can and we'll let you know if we are busy.

Q. Can you guarantee you'll fix all our problems?

A. No, but assuming we have already identified a fit with your team's technology, we'll certainly give it our best shot! It's rare that we encounter a problem that we can't help you solve, but if a problem does arise where we think we need to go away and do some extra research into the technology, we will freeze the clock and do so in our own time before coming back to you.

Q. What call technology do you use?

A. Zoom, by preference, although we can use your organisation's preferred technology if you give us access.

Q. Why can't more than two team members join a support call?

A. We restrict calls to two team members to keep them manageable and focussed. We may apply supplementary charges for extra team members on a call.

Q. Can we record support calls with you?

A. Yes, for your internal use only and subject to our privacy terms and conditions.

Q. How exactly does the minimum session charge work?

A. Each new session starts a 30 minute window which you must pay for even if you don't use all 30 minutes. New calls within the 30 minute window don't start a new session.

Example: you start a call at 9:00 which ends at 9:20. You are billed for 30 minutes.
Example: you start a call at 9:00 which ends at 9:10 and another at 9:15 which ends at 9:25. You are billed for 30 minutes.
Example: you start a call at 9:00 which ends at 9:10 and another at 9:15 which ends at 9:45. You are billed for 45 minutes.
Example: you start a call at 9:00 which ends at 9:10 and another later that day at 14:00 which ends at 14:10. You are billed for 60 minutes in total.

We do this to encourage your team members to try to solve very trivial problems by themselves first and to encourage them to prepare all the information needed for the call properly in advance. Multiple very short calls are also much less efficient for us to handle and schedule.

Q. How exactly does the daily cap work?

A. Simple: we won't bill you any more than the daily cap in any given business day, so long as we are still within the standard support hours.

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