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Anyone with a technical project they need help with!

If you think that might be you, please drop us a line.


  • We can help analyse your problem and figure out how to get it moving.
  • We are experts at spotting the difference between people problems, process problems or technical problems.
  • We have capacity to work with you over an extended period to resolve it - whether that’s with consultancy, interim management or development effort.
  • We can also do purely analysis, advisory or audit work (e.g. technical due diligence) which doesn’t require any remedial action.


Sometimes things come up that you just don’t have the in-house capacity to deal with.

As a business gets more established, it typically optimises on doing one job well, and unexpected developments can end up being disproportionately disruptive. If there’s a problem you need to solve that your in-house talent can’t solve, the most sensible course of action is often to bring in someone external who is specialised in general tech problems.


Q. Can you give us a definitive list of things you can help with?
A. Nope. Best bet is to give us a shout first and we can talk about it. There’s not much we can’t help with though.

Q. Are you a specialist in <insert super niche and difficult thing here>?
A. If it’s a particular technology, probably not. We are software generalists with a wide range of competencies and we find that there are very few problems indeed which can only be solved by specialists.

Most business problems, including tech ones, turn out to be people or process related, and we eat process for breakfast (note: we don’t eat people for breakfast).

Q. How do you charge?
A. For project work we have standard day rates which depend on the exact nature of the work.

More questions?
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