So you really want to learn to code?

I never planned to write this book.

Most of the people who say that they want to learn to write software probably shouldn't - or rather, they probably don't really understand enough about "coding" really is. If they did, they probably would just forget it and move on.
In the first chapter of this book, I will make some cases for why you shouldn't proceed any further, but if you make it through that and are still determined, even then I can't promise this book will resonate with you.

The reason I'm writing this is that my partner is thinking about a change of career and I think she would make a very good software developer. Rather than have her self-teach, or enrol on an expensive course, I decided to leverage my years of experience in the software industry to try and teach her myself. This in itself may turn out to be a bad idea.

I've always wanted to write a book on software, but one catering to people who already know how to write it. That book was supposed to be a guide to building a successful career in software development, and it will have to wait because now I'm writing this one.
Thankfully, coaching and training is something I love doing, and would like to do more of, so this is a good opportunity for me to help my partner, and do something rewarding for myself.

Assuming that writing software really is for you, I hope you enjoy reading this. I realise that there are inumerable other resources out there dedicated to the same subject, but I am confident that this represents something quite different.

Always, I try to communicate in a straightforward manner - to help clarify and explain at a pace which allows you to consider carefully what you are learning, and build your confidence little by little with every chapter.

Good luck.

Will Britton.

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