About Us

Will Britton - founder & CTO of Undeveloper

Hi, I’m Will.

I’ve been working in software for over 20 years, and it’s been my privilege to have spent that time working with some amazing professionals, and on a wide range of projects and technologies.
Over the years, I’ve been...
A software developer
A development manager (team lead)
A product owner
A scrum master
A consultant
A founder
A coach and mentor
…and I’ve worked on things like...
Web applications
Mobile applications
Desktop applications
Embedded applications
Backend / frontend / middleware
Data processing
…in industries including...
Social networking
Production engineering
I’ve been involved in the founding of at least five companies, and have helped with numerous fundraising rounds for clients and employers, as well as having experience of acquisitions.
The technologies I’ve used are too numerous to list, although I personally believe that it’s important to have a working knowledge of as many major programming languages and tools as possible. I try to instil the same “polyglot” mentally in the people I train.
Some of the technologies I am particularly fond of at the moment include Javascript, Typescript, React, Node, Scala, Rust, Go, GraphQL and event sourcing.
I have a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London, and have never lost my passion for understanding how things work. Electronics is still a hobby of mine, as is using low-level programming technologies like assembly language and C, for both fun and training purposes.
I have a passion for reading, and I am currently writing two books: one is on programming for beginners, using several languages including Python, C and Javascript. The second book is for software professionals looking to level up.

About Undeveloper

I founded Undeveloper Ltd. in 2014 as I was getting frustrated with having the same kinds of conversations with would-be startup founders who thought that the only hurdle which stood in the way of realising their dreams was finding a good (but cheap!) software developer.
Since then I’ve been on a mission to help founders understand and manage the enormously complex task of building a tech business, as well as to help software professionals to understand and manage the gaps between their skills and professional ambitions, and those of their employers.


I’m always on the lookout for freelancers to collaborate with, so please drop me a line if you’re interested and we can network. At some point soon I plan to add a “wall of fame” to this page for “approved” collaborators and associates I would recommend to the industry.